Supplier Management

PROACTIS Supplier Management 

Gain full control of the supplier  
lifecycle - and enrich procurement 
How do we get a ‘single version of the truth’ of our suppliers?
How can we streamline supplier
on-boarding, qualification & evaluation?
And how do we keep important information up to date easily?

Want to swap tedious tasks for powerful tools that put you in control? 

As Procurement Director, you need all your suppliers to be managed effectively - to ensure compliance and protect your organization against risk. But what happens when there are hundreds or thousands of suppliers? Even with your best efforts, managing them can be a huge drain on your team's resources - with information in different places, incomplete, inconsistent, duplicated and constantly becoming out of date. If you're battling with these issues, then we've got some good news. It's possible to transform cumbersome administrative overhead into a business advantage. 
Hear from the Service Development Director, Property & Asset Management at JLL on how implementing the PROACTIS Spend Control Platform has enabled them to achieve efficiencies in their working practices and provide a better service to their customers and suppliers.

Improve supplier
performance, lower costs

PROACTIS Supplier Management enables you to
establish a centrally managed supplier directory that
can become your ‘one version of the truth’ for supplier information. It then provides all the tools you need to manage the entire supplier lifecycle, improve supplier relationships, save money and reduce risk.

Web-based tools reduce
everyone's workloads dramatically

With our intuitive web-based tools, you can free up valuable time for your team - while improving outcomes. Streamlined and automated processes cover everything from identification and qualification checks, through to adoption, approval and analysis. Suppliers play their part with self-service tools. 

Get accurate information and the
tools to take action immediately  

With rich, accurate supplier data at your fingertips, you
can search through thousands of suppliers in a few
clicks. New suppliers can be sought, while other areas
can be identified as ripe for rationalization. Savings can
be achieved through better-informed negotiations,
while the cost of poor compliance and performance
can be avoided. 

PROACTIS Supplier Management - benefits at a glance

Supplier Directory:
See everything in one place 

View every supplier and their goods, services, certifications, specialties, locations and contacts. Suppliers are made available to all your key systems automatically, thanks to Finance and Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) synchronization.
Supplier On-Boarding: Say goodbye to
endless paperwork and reduce risk 

Simplify and accelerate how you recruit, qualify and adopt new suppliers. It's a collaborative, online process that's fast for you and your suppliers. Intuitive tools let you tailor questionnaires, auto-score responses and prioritize suppliers.
Supplier Network: Build relationships
without draining your resources

Interact easily and instantly with suppliers using the Supplier Network, which serves as a platform for a range of procurement applications. Self-service web tools enable suppliers to manage their profiles. They can also quote for jobs, receive purchase orders, upload invoices and check their payment status.
Supplier Appraisal: Keep on top and raise
standards. It's never been easier

PROACTIS provides your team with an easy way to monitor supplier performance and risk, using easily customizable electronic questionnaires with automated response summaries.
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Download Resource

Supplier Management: Do you Really Have the Right Level of Visibility to Minimise Risk?
PROACTIS Supplier Management
For the first time, we've been able to reduce risks and costs, while driving up quality and compliance continually.
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