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PROACTIS Content Management 

Ensure the right supplier products 
are available to your buyers
How can we ensure employees find & buy what they need from the correct sources?
How do we keep supplier catalogs complete, accurate & up to date?
And how do we eliminate excessive administrative time & expense?

Are you paying for a poor shopping experience? 

As Procurement Director, you need to maximize the share of corporate expenditure that's going to approved contracts where you've negotiated good prices and ensured compliance. 

But your best efforts can be undermined if buyers struggle to access supplier content easily via your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) system. Maverick buying can then escalate as employees make costly decisions to purchase off the web, by phone or 'down the street'.

The trouble is, ensuring your buyers can always find what they need in P2P isn't easy. Keeping all your supplier content accurate and up to date can consume valuable administrative resources.
Hear how a range of organisations have recouped vast amounts of wasted time, talent and cash using PROACTIS Spend Control and eProcurement.

Supplier content is key to
bringing spend under control


PROACTIS Content Management ensures that more of your organization's purchases can be channeled towards the best suppliers and prices that deliver significant savings. You can make all approved goods and services accessible from within your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) system.

PROACTIS gives you all the tools you need to manage supplier and in-house catalogs, provide access to authorized supplier websites and utilize external marketplaces. Buyers can even see into your existing inventory - and select items you've already got stored in-house.

Access the right products in
the right place, every time

Your users can make better buying decisions, thanks
to a professional, satisfying shopping experience that's fast and intuitive. Everything is online and purchases can be accomplished in a few clicks. 

Behind the scenes, your administration team can save hours too, as PROACTIS empowers suppliers to update their own content using self-service tools. 


PROACTIS Content Management - benefits at a glance

Put all your supplier
catalogs in one place 

The items offered to your buyers all come through from a central repository of authorized goods and services from approved suppliers, who can keep their own catalogs up to date. Key information is displayed with every item, while your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) system ensures proper approvals and picks up the financial coding you need for account posting and spend analysis.
Get the best of the web -
from within your eProcurement system 

Website ‘punch-out’ connections enable your employees to access external eCommerce websites from within the PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) system. Your users simply browse the website and select items. Their shopping cart is then pulled into your P2P system. It's run through the normal authorization process, and then the order is placed with the website or via a PO sent to the supplier.                  
Widen your choice, while keeping it simple

PROACTIS Content Management is also a natural fit with the PROACTIS Marketplace, which offers a single entry point to numerous suppliers and products - via a growing eCommerce website managed by us. It provides you with a single point of access to many shared catalogs, contracts and punch-out connections from industry-focused suppliers and buying consortiums.
Avoid unnecessary purchases - by watching your inventory

The optional PROACTIS Stores Management solution provides a streamlined multi-location inventory system that lets you see what's already available within your organization, which might mean you get goods faster and avoid spending unnecessarily.
Get extra help if you wish
If you wish, PROACTIS can take responsibility for maintaining your supplier catalogs or adding extra punch-out connections. These services enable you to offer a professionally-managed, content-rich Purchase-to-Pay shopping experience while freeing up your staff for sourcing, contract management and other value added activities.


PROACTIS Content Management
At last, we were able to make rich supplier content available easily.
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