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Gain greater value in more 
categories in less time
How can we run more sourcing events?
How do we make sure every event is successful?
And how do we do it with our current resources?

Frustrated with your limited capacity for running competitive sourcing events?

As Procurement Director, you know there are savings to be had in more categories than your team is addressing today. But you also know it’s harder than it sounds.  

Electronic sourcing methods such as reverse auctions work – that’s been shown over and over again. But each event takes time. You need to understand the current landscape for each category. You need to find and involve the right suppliers. You need to set the stage clearly and fairly. You need the right online environment and a well-orchestrated event to be effective. And you need to make sure you maintain good supplier relationships every step of the way. It takes preparation, focus and skill to get it right every time.
Hear how a range of organisations have recouped vast amounts of wasted time, talent and cash using PROACTIS Spend Control and eProcurement.

Make our team part of
your team 

The PROACTIS Sourcing Services team works with organizations like yours to plan and execute online
sourcing events every day. Because we do it all the time, we’re experts at it. And because we have all the right tools, we’re very efficient at it. We can become your dedicated sourcing event specialists, or we can simply add to your existing capacity. Either way, our focus is always on getting the job done quickly and effectively, and on achieving the desired results: the best overall value possible at any given point in time.

Take advantage of a proven,
full-service process

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations source all kinds of goods and services in an extensive range of direct and indirect spend categories. We use well-structured processes built on best practices developed from years of experience. Our full service approach includes help with every step, from determining the best suppliers to invite to creating your RFx documents, performing the supplier communication, running the real-time event and evaluating results. And speaking of results, we average 18% in savings or cost avoidance with 30% improvement in sourcing efficiency.

Don't miss another opportunity - get started right away

With all the tools and expertise ready to go, we can
start impacting your bottom line faster than you think
– not next year, but next month or even next week.
And all with only minimal demand on your existing
team. Your people know what they need and we know
how to help you get it with the greatest savings – so
let’s get started.

If you want to start with a pilot event to prove the
tangible savings potential, we’re happy to do that. We know it will give your organization confidence in our ability to help you gain the best possible value in just about any situation.

Sourcing Services from PROACTIS - benefits at a glance

Service tailored to your organization

A dedicated account manager will work closely with you to identify your best route to savings through services such as: category discovery and recommendations, program implementation, one-on-one buyer meetings, market and industry intelligence gathering, supplier discovery, and more. 
Built on a foundation of sourcing best practices 

We can educate your team and all your stakeholders on both the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of effective sourcing events through services
such as: executive briefings, department overviews, category manager training, vendor participant training and
community events. 
Sourcing event services that take the
load off your team

We ensure the success of all types of sourcing events through services such as: sourcing event strategy, sourcing event build and execution, supplier communication, supplier certification, supplier performance scorecards, specification optimization, sample facilitation, test and QA provisions and award/non-award notification.
measured results

Reporting and scorecards provide objective measurements of sourcing event results through tools and services such as:
corporate dashboards, historical analytics, performance summaries, tracking of key metrics, industry comparisons, post-event
reporting and analytics, and custom reporting.

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Download Resource

Sourcing Health Check – How can you become more efficient and effective at sourcing?
Sourcing from PROACTIS
We’ve run more sourcing events in the last six months than we did in the previous three years. And we’ve gotten great savings from every event. We could not have done that without the help of the PROACTIS team.
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