Content Management

PROACTIS Content Management Service 

Ensure the right supplier content is
always accessible
How can we increase on-contract spend?
How can we make it easy for staff to find and buy what they need?
And how do we make it easy for our procurement team as well?

Do you struggle to ensure websites and catalogs are connected and refreshed?

As Procurement Director, you need to make it easy for employees to find what they need from the right suppliers and to use the right approval process. That's essential if you want to increase compliance, on-contract purchases and overall spend under management.

But is the correct supplier content accessible from within your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) system? Are the right supplier websites connected and are their catalogs always fresh and accurate? 

Getting everything working and updated can eat up scarce resources within Procurement departments. That’s why we provide the PROACTIS Content Management Service. 
Hear how a range of organisations have recouped vast amounts of wasted time, talent and cash using PROACTIS Spend Control and eProcurement.

Add accurate supplier content

The PROACTIS Content Management Service is the fast and easy way to make supplier catalogs and websites available from within your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) system.  

With our expertise and assistance, you can reach out to target suppliers, explain the benefits of providing their catalogs or websites to you in the right formats - and make it happen. Your suppliers can choose self-service catalog management via the PROACTIS Supplier Network or make their existing website punch-outs compatible with PROACTIS P2P.

Fill any gaps, enrich the
content and keep it fresh

With our help, you can add breadth and depth to supplier content. Where any suppliers seem unable or unwilling to use one of the self-service methods, we'll take care of their catalog updates - so your buyers can always access the best deals. We'll also enrich the content by adding images, delivery charges, price break discounts and other key details where applicable.
Working on your behalf, our team can co-ordinate all catalog updates, approvals, publishing, reviews and expiration activity. We'll also act as the primary point of contact for all internal and external enquiries regarding catalogs, taking the pressure off your Procurement department. 

Everyone gains when the right
products are available

It’s simple… using the PROACTIS Content Management Service will enable you to widen the range of goods and services that employees can access via the search capabilities in PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay (P2P). When it’s simple for employees to find what they need within your P2P system, it's easier to minimize maverick, non-compliant spend outside your P2P system. Everyone wins – your employees, your procurement team, your department managers, and your organization’s bottom line.

PROACTIS Content Management Services - benefits at a glance

Maximize savings achieved
through negotiations

With our help, you can channel more of your corporate spend towards preferred suppliers where you have negotiated best-value agreements. Prices and descriptions are kept up-to-date by suppliers. 
Make greater use of your
Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) system 

Having the right content accessible easily will deter employees from buying from the web, phone or over the counter. They can find all they need through your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) system.
Greater employee
productivity and satisfaction

The optional PROACTIS Stores Management solution provides a streamlined multi-location inventory system that lets you see what's already available within your organization, which might mean you get goods faster and avoid spending unnecessarily.
Free up time for your
procurement team

The PROACTIS Content Management Service can replace time-consuming, manual content management processes - through
greater automation and supplier self-service tools. That gives your team more time for sourcing, supplier reviews, contract
negotiations, and other value-adding activities.
PROACTIS Content Management Service
This was the game-changer we needed - the 'big push' that enabled all approved supplier goods and services to be made accessible through Purchase-to-Pay (P2P).
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