PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay

Achieve greater control 
and visibility of spend
How can we gain better visibility of spend?
How do we improve financial control?
And how do we streamline our processes?

How much control do you really have over spending?

Employees need the ability to buy what the business requires - without delay. But the organization also needs to ensure purchases are properly authorized before they take place. And, as Finance Director, you need to know who's buying what, from whom, when, where, and for how much. Control and visibility are essential if you've got any chance of controlling spend effectively.
But, in the real world, the picture is often messy. Manual purchasing processes quickly become unstructured, inefficient, and costly. Too many purchases can be made without approval and with the wrong suppliers. Capturing useful spend history is impossible.
Hear from the Service Development Director, Property & Asset Management at JLL on how implementing the PROACTIS Spend Control Platform has enabled them to achieve efficiencies in their working practices and provide a better service to their customers and suppliers.

It’s time to come up for air
...and take control

How would you like to achieve total control and visibility of spend? It's possible with PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay (P2P). You can ensure compliance with established approval policies while making it easier for your organization to quickly get the goods and services it needs from the suppliers that deliver the best value.

Accelerate processes and
sharpen accuracy

With PROACTIS, you can integrate, streamline, and automate your entire Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process. Purchasing becomes ultra-simple for everyone, with each transaction authorized and recorded accurately. Performed online, PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay is faster and more transparent for employees, provides managers with greater budget control, and increases ‘cost pipeline’ visibility for financial management. It also speeds PO release to suppliers - and enables automated invoice matching and payment authorization.

Optimize purchasing
and save money

With an enterprise-wide Purchase-to-Pay framework, you can reduce the cost of goods and services by increasing your level of 'spend under management'. It's easy to impose vital controls over spend authorization,
consistently guide employees to the right suppliers, ensure proper invoice payment, and provide immediate cost base visibility.


PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay - benefits at a glance

Guide your buyers to
the right place

You can deter maverick spending and increase employee satisfaction by providing your staff with a 'guided buying' experience
they will readily adopt. With PROACTIS, that means highly intuitive search tools with access to authorized suppliers, items, and
services via a wide array of content options. 
Accelerate approvals,
while viewing budgets 

Managers can issue approvals quickly, checking key details and financial information easily to support their decisions and ensure budget control. Once alerted, they can make decisions in the office or on the road via their smartphones. You can also gain full visibility of every purchase commitment to support cash management.

Save hours of work
for Accounts Payable teams - and minimize errors

Our Purchase-to-Pay solution saves you the resource-draining process of manually matching invoices with purchase orders, receipts, and other records. A very high percentage of invoices can be matched accurately with order details and passed for payment automatically. Any exceptions can be handled smoothly, via a workflow-driven, troubleshooting process that checks back with all the right people automatically. 

See the big picture and always know
what you’re spending

PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay gives you a clear picture of purchasing, from transactions through to summary analysis. You can gain total
visibility in near real-time. Personalized management dashboards provide valuable insights for better-informed decisions by your
executive team.
Powerful, flexible and the perfect fit for you

Our solutions will support your organizational structures and procedures because they are developed within an enterprise-class, global framework. Our solutions are 'vendor agnostic' and can integrate smoothly with whatever finance and procurement systems you have in place. PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay also offers multi-language, multi-currency, multi-tax capabilities - ideal for enterprises,  the world over.

Download Resource

Download Resource

Download this guide for a straightforward way to develop your business case for a Purchase-to-Pay technology solution in a matter of hours.
PROACTIS Purchase-to-pay
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