Employee Expenses

PROACTIS Employee Expenses

Gain control of 'after-the-event'
purchase claims
How can we gain better control & visibility of employees expenses?
How do we make it fast & easy for employees
to get reimbursed?
And how can we streamline the entire process?

Are employee expense claims at risk from errors and abuse?

As Finance Director, you need to enable employees to occasionally buy goods and services outside of the normal purchasing process, such as travel and accommodation costs. That's just a fact of business life.

But informal handling of such transactions can lack validation and become vulnerable to maverick spending, errors and fraud. Claims may be approved that do not meet proper guidelines - or costs can get recorded incorrectly. The whole area can become dangerously murky with no-one really knowing what’s being bought over time. Opportunities for spend analysis are missed. And any attempts to 'clamp down' on problems can cause delays that frustrate all employees.
Hear how a range of organisations have recouped vast amounts of wasted time, talent and cash using PROACTIS Spend Control and eProcurement.

Make the process fast,
fair and compliant

The PROACTIS Employee Expenses solution provides
greater control for you - and fairness and speed for
your employees.

You can ensure compliance with corporate policies while making it simpler for all employees to reclaim their personal funds. Your team can streamline the process and provide full visibility of all claims by replacing paper forms with electronic documents and an efficient workflow.

'Tame' expenses - and complete
the picture of corporate spend

Employee expenses no longer needs to be the 'Wild West' where normal ļ¬nance rules fail to apply. With PROACTIS,
you can take control and complete the picture of corporate spend, enabling valuable analysis across the entirety of your enterprise - with no shadowy corners. It's good for employees too. They can track each claim throughout the process and reclaim monies efficiently. PROACTIS Employee Expenses is available as a standalone solution. But its user interface and method of operation is identical to the PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay application, encouraging the wider adoption of both.

PROACTIS Employee Expenses - benefits at a glance

If you make it easy, people
instinctively do the right thing 

PROACTIS empowers employees to submit claims electronically and accurately with ease. This saves hours of laborious paperwork for everyone - and transforms the authorization process into an uncomplicated point-and-click operation.
Replace paper processes with
a fully electronic system

Every employee can file claims online via a web browser. Employees working remotely or travelling can complete details offline and submit them later. PROACTIS Employee Expenses is ultra-flexible too, handling multiple claims at any time and applying automatic receipt numbers to make every claim easy to track. Required and automated account coding helps minimize fraud while ensuring proper cost allocation and supporting analysis.
Fast authorization engine
keeps everything moving
One-click authorization lets managers forward each claim for payment - or return it to the claimant with any comments. The solution is flexible and the finer details are up to you. You can change rules and authorization methods easily. PROACTIS provides visibility, transparency and a full audit trail - plus emails to prompt actions and to provide status updates.
Reporting and integration ensure you get
the full picture

With PROACTIS, employee expenses are no longer a grey area. Instant management reports give you a clear analysis of
spend by employee, department and expense type. The solution can integrate easily with your existing financial and payroll
software, saving hours for your administrators.
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Download Resource

Spend Control for CFOs: Answers to Your Top 10 Questions
PROACTIS Employee Expenses
Some expense claims were trivial and took up valuable time. Others seemed excessive but they were signed off anyway. Now everything is fast, visible and compliant.
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