Accelerated Payment Facility

PROACTIS Accelerated Payment Facility 

Turn Accounts Payable into an
income-generating engine
How can we better leverage the size of our spend to improve our bottom line?
How can we offer advantages to our suppliers at the same time?
And how can we do it with very little effort?

Unlock the profit potential in your streamlined Accounts Payable function

As Chief Financial Officer, you know your organization spends a lot of money on goods and services every year. You know that level of spend is an asset and you want to leverage it to the fullest. You’ve done the work to streamline your invoice processing and now you are in control of when you make payments to suppliers. So now it’s time to use that advantage to benefit your organization in a way that makes a real and visible bottom-line impact. It’s time to transform Accounts Payable from a back-office function to a true income-generating engine. 
Hear how a range of organisations have recouped vast amounts of wasted time, talent and cash using PROACTIS Spend Control and eProcurement.

Earn supplier discounts for early payments – when you want to

With the PROACTIS Accelerated Payment Facility (APF) you can offer all your suppliers the opportunity to receive early payments in exchange for discounts on invoice amounts. Then you can decide if, when and to what extent you want to participate in that early payment and discount. When you want to internally finance early payments with your own working capital, you can do so to earn an above market rate of return.  When you want to hold your payments as long as possible, you can do that too – and we will finance the early payment through our 3rd party source. Or you can participate in any given transaction to whatever extent you wish.

It’s always up to you based on how you want to use your working capital at any point in time

Enhance supplier relationships by helping them with cash flow – when they need it

Once registered for the Accelerated Payment Facility (APF), suppliers can decide if they want to take early payments on an invoice-by-invoice basis.

It’s a tremendous tool for them, just as it is for you. When cash flow is tight for a supplier, they can simply request early payment in return for a clearly stated discount.  It’s always available to them and always their choice. 

No setup fee, no complicated documentation, cash received same day or next working day. Suppliers will appreciate the flexibility you’ve offered them and consider you to be “easier to do business with” than ever before.

Just turn it on and watch the income flow

The PROACTIS Accelerated Payment Facility (APF) couldn’t be easier. We provide all the technology, day-to-day management and 3rd party financing.

We can even help you reach out to suppliers to explain the benefits and how easy it is to participate. All you need to do is decide when you want to take the discounts with internally financed early payments and when you don’t. It’s as easy as that – a new source of income with virtually no effort and no risk at all.  

Accelerated Payment Facility - benefits at a glance

An entirely new source of income from normal
Accounts Payable activity

Leverage your working capital to gain an income stream you probably never thought possible. Yes – above market rates of return generated by your normal spend and your normal Accounts Payable activity. 
New cash flow options for suppliers

Suppliers now have a fast, easy way to free up cash whenever they need it. They don’t even need to request early payment from you – they request it from us. Pricing is completely transparent and tied directly to how early they want payment.     
Total flexibility for both you and your suppliers
You and your suppliers are always in control. You choose when to use your own working capital and when to not. Suppliers choose when to request early payment and when to not. You both have new-found flexibility for using and obtaining cash.
Virtually effort-free and completely risk-free
The PROACTIS Accelerated Payment Facility (APF) could not be easier. It requires no technology installation for either party and takes just minutes to set up for suppliers. We make it happen seamlessly and fluidly with no risk to you or your suppliers.
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Download Resource

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PROACTIS Accelerated Payment Facility
Now that we’ve streamlined our Accounts Payable function, we’re reaping some significant rewards that go beyond what we originally expected. With the PROACTIS Accelerated Payment Facility, we now generate a whole new income stream that did not exist before. That’s having a noticeable impact on our bottom line – and it’s proven to be very helpful to our suppliers as well.
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