Solutions for Finance

Solutions for Finance


We'll understand your goals
and help you achieve them

With PROACTIS, you can increase savings, reduce risk and improve
efficiencies through greater control and visibility of how your organization
purchases and pays for goods and services. Suddenly, you've got the
power to tackle your immediate objectives and long-term goals.
We can help you increase control and visibility of spend by putting in place the tools you need to:
Prevent unnecessary, unauthorized and
fraudulent purchases.

Enable effective control of budgets.

Maintain visibility of purchase commitments. 
Prevent payment of duplicate or incorrect invoices.

Minimize the cost of invoice processing. 

Increase early payment discount opportunities.
In addition, we can help you and your procurement team work jointly to:
Reduce the actual cost of purchased goods
and services. 

Minimize risk associated with suppliers. 
Make it easy for your staff to purchase what they
really need. 

Improve the efficiency of the purchasing and
payment process across your entire organization. 

We Can Help with Your 'Big Picture' Compliance, Visibility and Efficiency Goals

As Chief Finance Officer, you'll also have higher level issues that impact your ability to do more for your organization. As we work with enterprises around the world, CFOs consistently tell us about three 'big picture' goals they have about the way their organization purchases goods and services.
You want to:
Improve compliance with purchasing policies
Increase visibility of what we are spending
the Accounts Payable process
Do these sound familiar to you? If so, it's no surprise - because these goals are almost universal among CFOs. That's why we shape out solutions and services specifically to address them.

How we help you
improve compliance 
with purchasing policies

By automating the purchase authorization
process and guiding employees to properly
sourced suppliers, our solutions make it easy
for everyone in your organization to get
what they need while complying with
both financial and procurement policies.

Our solutions will enable you to:
Ensure proper authorization by
automating the request-to-approval process using electronic workflow and business rules. 
Enable your organization to realize negotiated savings by helping employees quickly find what they need from established suppliers and contracts using intuitive search capabilities.
Dramatically reduce the number of instances where employees feel the need to ‘go around the system’ and make maverick purchases. We do this by accelerating the approval
process, providing full visibility of requests, and enabling more
self-service buying.

Meanwhile, our services help you to fast track deployment and ensure broad adoption.

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How we help you
increase visibility of spend

Using PROACTIS eProcurement solutions, all purchase requests, POs and invoices become electronic records with accurate account and spend category coding. This creates a tremendous wealth of information about the current ‘spend pipeline’, and about your organization’s spend history over time. Everything is available for lookup, reporting and analysis.  

With our solutions, you can:
Enable greater control of budgets by giving managers consolidated visibility of their departmental budgets, up-to-date expenditures, and outstanding commitments whenever they are considering approval of a new purchase request.

Support better cash flow management by giving
finance managers consolidated visibility of authorized payments, invoices in process, and outstanding purchase commitments when planning for cash requirements.
Reduce financial ‘surprises’ by summarizing 'spend versus budget' information from across the
organization into easily interpreted charts, KPIs and alerts on intuitive management dashboards. 

Improve supplier rationalization and supplier
agreement negotiations
by giving procurement
managers full visibility of spend by category
and supplier across the entire organization.
Our services help you learn how to take maximum advantage of the tremendous range and depth of information that becomes available.

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How we help you streamline the
Accounts Payable

Your Accounts Payable function is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the electronic purchase-to-pay process. Processing of PO-based invoices can be cut to a fraction of the manual effort previously required. Processing of non-PO invoices and statements can be largely automated too. Electronic invoice methods and outsourced invoice capture services can virtually eliminate manual paper handling. Online self-service supplier account enquiry can dramatically reduce the number of calls and emails that must be answered by your AP team.

With our solutions you can:
Dramatically reduce the number of invoices requiring manual
by automating the
invoice, PO, contract and receipt
matching process to enable
‘straight-through’ processing for a high percentage of invoices.

Reduce the effort required within AP to resolve discrepancies using electronic workflow to route un-matched invoices to the requestor or supplier to correct the problem. 
Greatly reduce the time spent on complex utility, telecommunications, and PCard statements by automating
validation and cost allocation.

Eliminate a high percentage of your paper invoices by utilizing a range of electronic invoice methods designed to match the capabilities of different types of suppliers
Eliminate much of the time spent answering supplier calls and emails asking when they will be paid by providing online self-service supplier account enquiry capabilities.
Our services turn paper, fax and email invoices into ‘ready-to-process’ electronic invoice records while you transition suppliers to electronic invoice method. What's more, our services handle much of the legwork of on-boarding suppliers to your supplier portal and electronic invoice methods.

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We Stand Ready

PROACTIS provides the resources to help you with every Spend Control challenge and opportunity...
  • We can work directly with you to improve how purchases are authorized, how budgets are managed, and how invoices are processed.
  • We can work directly with your procurement team to improve how suppliers are selected, how contracts are managed, and how the right information is made available to the organization.
  • We can work jointly with you and your procurement team to tie everything together to make good purchasing practices a natural part of how your organization operates, and cost consciousness a natural part of your organization’s culture. 
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