Our Story

Our story

How we help you achieve greater
control and visibility of spend

Born to unlock savings opportunities

PROACTIS was founded in 2002 as a result of a simple observation: organizations are missing out on a substantial savings opportunity. Over the years, many have focused on improving their revenue generation processes, while others have aimed at eliminating duplication, shortening workflows and introducing best practice to reduce costs.
All good. Yet corporate performance has still failed to meet expectations when these organizations should have been enjoying outstanding success. Why? We identified that, their underlying costs relating to the day-to-day purchasing of goods and services  that staff need, were eating away at their bottom line.

Organizations were missing out on visibility and controls, process efficiencies, cashable economies of scale, and ways to eliminate waste and errors. Significant savings remained untapped. And this needed changing.

Delivering a vision
for end-to-end
Spend Control

This led PROACTIS to create a vision for Spend Control. Put simply, we help organizations to bring their corporate spend under control, one business transformation after another. We provide a complete end-to-end solution that: First, puts you in full control, so you can establish a solid financial foundation. Next, you get full visibility of organization-wide Spend Control processes, creating transparency that drives accountability. Then you get the tools and expertise to exploit new opportunities and achieve measurable savings. Achieving all of this rapidly might seem impossible, but we found a way. 
Fueled by strong coffee, our team began a Spend Control movement that is removing all barriers to exceptional performance. We've harnessed the latest cloud computing innovations to enable new levels of collaboration between Procurement, Finance and suppliers of every shape and size. Information silos, process inefficiencies, manual errors, and fraud vulnerabilities are removed. Ground-breaking Spend Control has arrived, energizing sourcing, supplier engagement, contract management, and the entire purchase-to-pay and invoicing process.  

Now you can manage critical day-to-day processes in a streamlined and automated way, using thoughtfully designed tools.

Routine transactions are made with easy-to-use systems that enforce compliance. Invoices are captured and processed 'hands free'. New levels of interaction with suppliers are possible, with built-in risk evaluation and assessment, at no extra effort. Profit potential is unlocked from your supply base.
We remove
the barriers holding you

We created a suite of exceptional
Spend Control Solutions

Want to know what can happen when you use them?
And that's just a taste of the potential benefits available to you.
Our Spend Control Platform brings together a highly integrated, yet modular family of solutions that mirror every business-critical process across your organization, end to end. The result is fast, flexible Spend Control capabilities - so you can maximize your return on investment.

PROACTIS isn't simply about doing things better - although that's true. We're downright obsessed with delivering greater bottom-line value for your organization. It's something we eat, sleep and breathe. For our developers, it’s more than coding – it’s about picking the latest technologies to establish new, better processes that significantly improve bottom-line results.

With our consultants, it’s more than giving advice – it’s about demonstrating swift and sustained ROI. For our support team, it's more than fixing things – it’s all about helping you achieve a high level of Spend Control performance, year over year.

With PROACTIS, you've got a partner that truly understands and focuses on what's most important to you. 


We've raised the bar for
Quality & Standards

We're passionate about achieving the highest standards across every area of our business. Our dedication has led to awards, certificates and other badges of honor. With PROACTIS, you're always at the leading edge of Spend Control innovation. 
We work very closely with our customers as we pioneer solutions and define what best-in-class looks like.
When it comes to process improvement, information security and risk management, we've got the right ISO standards, and a range of others including IGSoC Accreditation...for connection to the UK NHS N3 Network, and more.

With technology, we're a Microsoft Gold Partner and we use world leading IT managed services partners to ensure service reliability, upkeep and business continuity.

We've been awarded Investors in People, ensuring our employees are fully equipped to support best practice in all of our Managed Service operations. We're committed to a greener future too. 
Be part of a global 
success story

Born in Europe, thriving in North America, growing fast in the Far East... every year, more customers, the world over, are discovering PROACTIS.

Millions of people in hundreds of organizations around the 
world use PROACTIS solutions every day.

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We're ready. Are you?
Our story may be interesting. But your journey matters so much more.

Ultimately, it's all about your goals, your opportunities and taking everything at your pace. Your journey with PROACTIS will be unique. You may want 'quick wins' from tackling maverick spend and improving cost pipeline visibility. Alternatively, you may want to go further by establishing organization-wide process efficiencies and consistencies, ensuring corporate governance and compliance, or taking your sourcing and supplier management processes to new heights. Now it's all within reach. 
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