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Our global growth is creating many opportunites in many roles and many places - consider becoming a rising star in the PROACTIS team.

You might be surprised how many different skills it takes to deliver and support the range of software and services that make up the PROACTIS Spend Control solution suite. From procurement and financial professionals to software designers, developers and quality assurance specialists; to project managers, consultants and integrators; to technical and end-user trainers; to helpdesk and service delivery personnel; to sales and marketing professionals; and, oh yeah, to managers, executives and support staff in all those areas and more.
Why work for PROACTIS?
You might also be surprised when you find out how dedicated the PROACTIS team is to what we do. We all know that we play an important role in making our customers successful and we take that responsibility seriously. That’s why we hire the best and provide
rewarding roles with plenty of support and plenty of room to grow.

One more thing…you may or may not be surprised to learn that we operate all over the world. Our headquarters is in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, but we have substantial teams in several UK locations as well as Andover, Massachusetts and Phoenix, Arizona in the
United States, as well as The Netherlands in mainland Europe and Brisbane in Australia. See our office locations at the bottom of the Contact Us page.

If you like the idea of working with a team of smart, dedicated people, we would like to hear from you. Even if none of the current openings listed below are a good fit for you, send us your resume because
we are always looking for people who can help us grow.  

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Current Vacancies:

QA / Compliance Co-Ordinator
Credit Controller
Quality Assurer
Customer Service Advisor
Group Compliance and Quality Officer
Solutions Specialist
Software Developer
3rd Line Technical Software Support Analyst
Developer - Java
Business Development Manager
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